Aluminium capping provides an aesthetically pleasing and economic finish to a parapet wall or boundary wall. Aluminium wall cappings are made specifically for each project to individual specifications, sizes and profiles

Unlike stone wall cappings aluminium cappings are lightweight, versatile, adaptable and very quick to install while offering long term weatherproof parapet wall protection. Matching pier caps or column capping are also available.

Evoke Coping System

  • Fast & simple installation

    Our composite aluminium coping system is fast to position and fix, whilst on-site adjustments can be made easily with standard carpentry skills & tools

  • Wind loading

    Tested by a UK based independent building research centre to withstand hurricane force winds of up to 176MPH

  • Weathertight seal

    The weathertight butyl adhesive seal will maintain a 100% weathertight seal throughout its 50 year life expectancy and outlast EPDM compression seals normally used in coping systems

  • self-cleaning

    Nano self-cleaning paint finish to keep maintenance costs to a minimum

  • Colours

    10 standard colour options – Black, White, Pearl White, Platinum Grey, Steel Grey, Bassalt Grey, Slate Grey, Umbra Grey, Anthracite and Granite Grey.

Capping Fixing

  • The capping is fixed directly to a suitable background with no brackets.


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